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November 6, 2008

Please help

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Dear Reader,

I would like to write a paper about this blog for my final Master’s of Education course.  Therefore I am required to gather some information about how this blog was used by its readers.  If you have been reading my posts I would be extremely grateful if you would take the time to answer 4 brief questions.  Your name, or any of information about you personally, will not be included in the paper. The questions are as follows:

  1. Did you apply any of the ideas from the blog to your classroom practice?  If so, which ideas and why.
  2. Do you believe that your writing program has changed as a result of participating in this blog?  If so, how?
  3. Did your students benefit as a result of your participation in this blog?  If so, how?
  4. Do you have any suggestions to make the blog more effective?

Any answer is a good answer.  Even if you answer no to every question it is good information for me to use in the paper.  I know this is a very busy time of the year but I would sincerely appreciate any response. Again, I will protect your privacy. 

If you are willing to answer the questions either reply here or send me a message to my personal email address at  To make the process easy I will send you the questions via email, you can reply with quote, fill them out, and send them back by November 13 .

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.  I look forward to your response.


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